During the Third InternetConference, Chairman of Unisplendour GroupsWeiguoZhao was interviewed. WeiguoZhao believes thatthe 5Gdevelopment will bring much more application to the entire communications industry, the internet, the internet of things, which means it needs more chips. This is a new opportunity for Chinese chip business, which can accelerate to close to international leading enterprises.

Q: 5G technology have grown, what does it mean to chip manufacturer? Which kind of preparation needs to be done?

Weiguo Zhao: Of course it’s a new chance after 5G technology development, especially after standard.5G development will bring much more application to the entire communications industry, the internet, the internet of things, which means it needsmuch more chips. Smaller chip and faster device, and it will put forward higher requirement to this industry.Unisplendour always focus on the R&D of this chip. 5G standard is not public now, so we need to consider every possible standard and invest lots of money in R&D.

Q: Qualcomm Corp is the leader in the period of 3G, 4G, and Qualcommsuccesses because of smartphone. Does Unisplendour want to catch up with the international giants like it?  

Weiguo Zhao: QUALCOMM was founded in 1985, the originator in communications field, it accumulated lots of patents and intellectual property. The total money it earned maybe more than the total money of the entire mobile phone manufacturer earned, and it has strong strength.We are the third in mobile chip in the world, Qualcomm is No.1, and MediaTekthe second.We are working hard, and hope that in 2019, 2020 we canproduce the first 5G chip. In the 5g era, we will be able to maintain faster speed and faster changes. I think the gap between them will be smaller.  
Q: Compared to such leader, what’s the biggest gap of domestic enterprises currently?  
Weiguo Zhao:From the technical level, I think there’s big differencebetween the domestic enterprises and Qualcomm in the communication. Like the car, we can produce a carnow, we can also buy BMW, Mercedes Benz, but there is no way to create a car like that. Technology needs to accumulatefor a long time, there are a lot of problems, not only the patent problem, more importantly, know how.  
Q: What are the advantages for Chinese enterprisesin this new wave?
Weiguo Zhao: There’re three advantages, or three depths. First, the local market is strong, and the market demand promotes rapid development.Chinese enterprises is strong in the efficiency and speed, we are faster in marketing reaction.Second, the talents, we have 10 million graduates, including college students, graduate students, and doctoral students, lots of them are major in science and engineering, or engaged in chips. So, even though our talent level is not so high today, however, the numberof talent is large, and most of the overseas students are willing to come back.Third, the capital, capital is always the most important thing to the development of the industry, if there is no capital, there will be no talent.
Q: It seems that the internationalization step of Chinese scientific and technological enterprise is slow, what’s the hindrance?
Weiguo Zhao: In the era of globalization,in fact, in order to develop the enterprise in such area, it needs talent,R & D, market and capital globalization. This trend is inevitable. If one technology company is not globalized, it cannot develop and it means the market is much more competitive, you must compete with Qualcomm, MediaTek and other enterprises.
In fact, the foreign enterprise is difficult to succeed in Chinain the Internet field, because the language, business environment, people using habits is different.That’s why Chinese Internet companies quickly develop.  
But there’s no language, no borders in the technical field, so the competition will be cruel. Theglobalization for Chinese technology enterprises is very difficult, even HUAWEI, although it is already strong, but it really takes timeand experienced through years.  

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